As headlights age they yellow and become cloudy from the exposure to sunlight and abrasive dust on the freeway. You might not notice your headlights' reduced ability to illuminate the road ahead driving on well-lit city streets. It's when you go on a road trip outside the city limits that you'll notice the loss of illumination.

Sometimes you can restore your vehicle's headlights using some household items. Toothpaste, DEET-containing insect repellent, and sandpaper can be used to polish the surface of headlights and bring them back to nearly-new clarity again with a cloth rag. If you try using insect repellent, it's important to be careful not to expose your car's paint to it.

At Jacky Jones Lincoln, our maintenance staff will be happy to help you replace your car's aging headlights with new ones. Bring your vehicle to our service center in Gainesville, GA for an inspection today.



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