Luxury is more than heated leather seats and 360-degree cameras. For a true luxury driving experience, cars also need the latest performance technology, ranging from high-powered engines to features that make navigating traffic jams a breeze. The Lincoln Continental is a popular luxury car with the first-rate performance features you want when you're on the road.

Equipped with a Twin-Turbocharged engine, the Continental combines efficiency with impressive horsepower. These engines come with all-wheel drive and 400 horsepower, ensuring that each trip in the Continental is a memorable experience. The Continental is also known for its adaptive cruise control feature. This technology uses radar and camera technology, which allows the vehicle to detect when other cars are getting too close. Thanks to stop-and-go functionality, the Continental comes to a stop in traffic jams and restarts when the pace of traffic picks up.

Drivers can swing by Jacky Jones Lincoln to take the Lincoln Continental for a test drive.



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