Settle for the Proper Level of Horsepower in Gainesville, GA

Whether you're looking to purchase a new vehicle or are just walking around a classic car show, you will likely hear about the horsepower of an engine or two. The term horsepower has made its way into our daily conversation and life. It is a term that most people know, but many do not fully understand.

A horsepower is equal to the power of one horse pulling 33,000 pounds of coal a distance of one foot in sixty seconds. This unit of measurement was used to compare engines to workhorses, but today, it is used more to compare one engine to another.

James Watt was an innovator, inventor and mechanical engine from the eighteenth century. He had developed a new and improved steam engine and wanted to make some sales. He could not convince his customer base to use his engine and abandon their workhorses. He needed a way to compare the power of his new engine to that of the horses.

After careful watch and calculations, Watt created the formula for the horsepower. It was effective in selling steam engines and continues to be a part of our common vocabulary. Find out more fun facts about horsepower by visiting our staff at Jacky Jones Lincoln!

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