Choose the Right Drivetrain for Safer Driving Conditions

You may be familiar with all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles. If you're not, they're the people still smiling while driving in even the worst weather. A common concern people have when selecting a new vehicle is that these are options, and, they cost a lot of money. Jacky Jones Lincoln has many models that will fit into nearly any budget. If you're unfamiliar with all-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles, or, would just like more information, this article will highlight some major points.

Both all-wheel and four-wheel drive, of course, deliver better, and, even safer conditions while driving. The difference between the two is simple. All-wheel drive only uses additional wheels when necessary, while four-wheel drive uses all four wheels all the time. For those who feel this may be a burden to their fuel budget, rest assured that most models have an "off" feature when not in use.

Seeing is believing for a great deal on a vehicle with a new drivetrain, so be sure to come see us in Gainesville, GA today.

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