Winter could be quite cruel to a car. Cold weather combined with snow and icy rain can cause all manner of troubles. Don't let the winter wreck your vehicle. Perform some essential winter care work to preserve the ride.

Guesswork won't work. Refer to your owner's manual to determine any special steps that should occur during the winter. This way, you don't leave any steps out. And don't put off any work. Winter arrives quicker than you think.

No matter what vehicle you drive, undertake specific steps for care. Replacing aging coolant/anti-freeze prevents massive damage if the temperature drops below freezing. For your safety, make sure the heating system, defrosters, and windshield wipers work properly, and double check the battery. You don't want a battery dying in frigid weather.

Take your car to us at Jacky Jones Lincoln. We'll work hard at winterizing the vehicle to make sure it is in the right condition for the season.



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