When you consider the perfect mid-size luxury sedan, like the 2016 Lincoln MKZ near Cornelia, GA, you probably consider a wide array of items. Maybe you take a look at the exterior and wonder if it says the right thing about you as a driver. Taking a look inside, you might wonder about how comfortable it is and how it might feel on longer drives. Under the hood you may be looking for something powerful, yet quiet. But what is the use of a mid-size luxury sedan if it doesn't work hard to keep you and your loved ones safe?


If you want the perfect mid-size luxury sedan that fits all your needs and has a stellar safety rating, look no further than the 2016Lincoln MKZ, the safest in its class. Every aspect of the vehicle is built with the driver and passengers in mind. The powerful, yet graceful, exterior presents you as a driver with class. The plush and supple interior allows you and your passengers to sit gracefully inside. Under the hood, you'll find a formidable engine that manages to still stay subtle. As for its safety features, it offers a wide array. In fact, the 2016 Lincoln MKZ has earned five stars from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and been bestowed the honor of Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.


The safety features kick in well before danger rears its ugly head. The MyLincoln Touch interface provides you with total control of your vehicle without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. This allows you to take calls, get information, talk to Siri, or queue up your favorite music without so much as a sideways glance.


While you're on the road, you'll continue to see how your safety was at the forefront of the design of the 2016 Lincoln MKZ. The adaptive shocks give you the ability to choose between several settings depending on how you prefer to drive, many of which revolve specifically around handling and stability.


You'll be given peace of mind in knowing that long trips won't go awry either while you're in the 2016 Lincoln MKZ. This mid-size luxury sedan can inform you of any unintended lane departures and impending collisions. Using the adaptive cruise control on vast stretches of highway allows you to relax while the vehicle stays a safe distance away from any obstacles in your path.


Even parking and pulling out are made much safer with rearview cameras, cross-traffic alerts, and a parking assist feature, which gives control to the 2016 Lincoln MKZ during precarious parallel parking situations.


In the event of catastrophe, the body is designed to absorb and disperse any impact while airbags deploy, cushioning all inside. The seatbelts will inflate on impact as well, preventing any injuries that might be sustained from the jarring force of a stuck seatbelt.


If safety is high on your list of luxury priorities, take a look at the Top Safety Pick, five-star rated 2016 Lincoln MKZ at Jacky JonesLincoln, near Cornelia, GA today.